Friday, October 19, 2012

Favorite Films and Sacred Holiday

  1.       My favorite films of all time are: Commando, 300, and Saw
  2.       My sacred holiday is Christmas. On Christmas eve my family and friends gather at my house and we have a big fest. This is an opportunity for us to see and catch up with family members who live in Los Angeles and Anaheim. This very special day because my family does not a close family, we just have distant family members, but we have grown close.  We talk, listen to music, and we eat homemade tamales all day. The children get to open their presents.  Christmas is special day for my family to see each and have fun.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

music video

The music video uses the seasonal changes to describe Abolition of Concrete & Past Time. In the beginning of the video, it starts in winter which means death and a start of new beginning. winter is when the plants die out and animals  migrate. As the video continue, the season change to spring and all the plants were coming back to alive, the snow was melting, and the birds, and the bear came back. The background was full of life with bird chirping and the animals being joyful

My Name

1.         My name Jorge means tiller of the soil or farmer, and its origin is Latin. The reason I was named Jorge, is because my dad had a younger brother Named Jorge. My dad were very close brothers, and at the age of 16, my uncle passed away of bone cancer. I was named after him in the memory of my uncle Jorge Moreno Montes
2.      My Sacred center is the gym. I love working out, and it is way for me to release stress. It also my “me” time, I don’t talk anyone or even look anyone. It is just me and the weights and my mind clear from everything. My other sacred center is my room.  This is the place where I can really think about my problems or any issue that is bothering me.  My room is also the place where I have the most privacy, and that is very important to because I have four brother that always trying to know everything about my personal life

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fish on land

In the song “Fish on Land,” Lhasa De Sela uses the symbols and archetypes of a fish, water, and transformation to express the theme of life’s struggles. According to Anthony Stevens “Water symbolize the whole potentiality”: it is the fons et origo, Substance from which all forms come and to which they will return (130). The struggle of life is not an easy journey: “A fish on land gasping for breath” (Lhasa De Sela). Once he overcame the struggles in life, “ he grew and he became a man” and complete his completed his transformation (Lhasa De Selea).